Water Quality and Conservation

Water Quality and Conservation is important because of the impact it can have on the purity of our water and our ability to sustain our own water supply. TOWER GREEN at West are equipped to reduce water waste by over 50%, this is because of the rainwater catchment system that recycles water used for grey-water purposes (non-drinking) and reduces the strain on the community water supply.

The Materials and Resources category is important because it is a way for us to be innovative in construction while still minimizing the impact on natural resources and by building the local economy by using locally sourced materials. At TOWER GREEN, we are proud of a number of green initiatives in this category including:

• Over 15% recycled content
• 20% locally sourced materials
• Mostly used rapidly renewable material (resources are constantly renewed)
• Certified lumber used from sustainable forests in British Columbia
• Over 75% of construction waste diverted from landfills


This is not an offering for sale. Offerings will be made upon filing of the disclosure statement. The developer reserves the right to make modifications to project design materials and specifications. E.&O.E.